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Event: Arctic Fox 2020

Date: February 01, 2020
Cost: $20 each (includes lunch)
Required Deposit: No deposit is required
Make cheques payable to Scouts Canada
Mail to: Lynn Johnson
More info: Flyer
Maximum registrations:50 youth & adults

Sorry, Our maximum registration number has been reached. You may wish to contact the registrar directly in case there is a cancellation.

More Information

It is important that your numbers be as accurate as possible so that we may prepare/order enough food, crafts, etc. for the event. However, we understand that numbers often change. You will only be charged for the actual numbers that arrive at camp (there may be some exceptions such as if your amount due is less than your deposit).

It is better that you register early, even if you are uncertain of the numbers than to wait to the last minute. Registrations received too close to the event may not be able to participate in all event activities (e.g. crafts) if we run short of supplies, etc.

If your numbers do change substantially, send an e-mail to the registrar/contact person clearly identifying your group and the new numbers. DO NOT RE-REGISTER!

All fields must contain data. Some fields are checked for specific data while others are not. If you cannot (or choose not to) supply info for a specific field. Do not leave it blank. Instead, enter a dash, a space or some other character. Should you be re-directed to the registration page (after you click on "Submit" or press "Enter"), it means one or more fields do not have data or do not have the proper data. Please make corrections and press "Submit" again.

Once you reach the page with the heading "Success" your information has been received and recorded. Print the page for your records.

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