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SCENES Center   ADD 100


Blue Springs Scout Reserve is proud to be the first Canadian Scout Camp to receive Certification as a SCENES Centre by the "World Scout Organization".

SCENES (Scout Centres of Excellence for Nature and the Environment) is a project of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) aimed at establishing a network of locations throughout the world to strengthen the three fundamental roles of Nature and Environment in Scouting:

  1. Education through nature and the environment
  2. Learning about nature and the environment
  3. Action for nature and the environment

SCENES are places where individual Scouts, Scout units and adult Scout Leaders from different parts of the world can discover the rich opportunities offered by nature and the environment. Our intention is to make Scouting more educational, more fun, more attractive and relevant to young people, Scouts and non-Scouts, today. Operated and managed according to the highest environmental standards, SCENES serve as demonstration sites, providing "hands on" environmental education opportunities for Scouts.

Scout Centres Around The World

Eprapah, The Charles S. Snow Scout Environment Education Centre
Techuana Youth camp
Blue Springs Scout Reserve - June 2005
Re-certified December 2008
Battlefields Council: Mount Nemo Scout Camp, Hencher Interpretive Centre for Outdoor Program
Costa Rico
Campo Escuela Nacional Iztarú
Campo Escuela Nacional Iztarú (CENI) is the official national center for training and events for the Association of Girl and Boy Scouts of Costa Rico.
Houens Odde Spejdercentre
Stevninghus Spedercentre
South Africa
Mafiking SCENE Centre
Kandersteg International Scout Centre
United States of America
Florida Sea Base


Update for 2010-2011

Total Dollar($) Contibutions to BSSR since 1990 $85,947
Dollar($) Conrtibutions to ADD100 Club since 2004 $47,283
Dollar($) Contributions for 2010 - 2011$ 4,149

ContributorsClub Rrecognition
Rev. John RogersMayor's Club
Robert HarrisMayor's Club
Ontario Gilwell ReunionMayor's Club
SOCS-NCR Station Master's Club
Brian & Mary ElderStation Master's Club
Peter BarberStation Master's Club
Barry HardakerCharter Member's Club
Phillppe BertrandCharter Member's Club

Projects undertaken in the current year, as a result of the Generous Donations received from Supporters to Scouts Canada (Blue Springs Scout Reserve and ADD100)

Projects Completed

Program/ActivitiesDisc Golf
Radial Lodge
Cedar LodgeReplaced outside stairs
Ridley LodgeBalconies and stairs
Basement floors

Planned Projects

Nature Centre Reno (Underway)
KekedowigamigRemove two rooms at the front of the building
Replace the floor
Install propane furnaces
Upgrade the tables and chairs
Cedar Lodge
Station Hotel
Acton Hut

Future Projects

Cedar LodgeReplace two balconies
Goat Hill Wash HouseRemove 4 stalls and replace with 2 new cubicles
Radial LodgeAdd bunks to leader's room
Paint/repair outside of building


Blue Springs Scout Reserve has been recognized as a premier adult training facility centered on program training, leadership development and specialty courses. Many Scouters and adults have seen the reserve flourish and grow.

A few years ago a campaign to raise funds for the addition of Blue Heron was launched. The program developed was a recognition process known as the "ADD100 CLUB". Adults and Scouters who contributed one hundred dollars or more, were recognized with a special "ADD100 CLUB" award. Over the past twenty years the property and facilities have been improved and upgraded to meet our needs. Most recently the Blue Springs Scout Reserve has met government, insurance and Scouts Canada safety requirements and compliance standards.

Our most recent honour is to be designated a SCENES camp by the World Scouting Organization (June '05).


Our needs change. Today we are focused on serving our youth. Blue Springs Scout Reserve is developing opportunities for our youth to enjoy the outdoors, camping experiences and the programs we have to offer. Together these will help our youth to become the Leaders of tomorrow.

As well the Blue Springs Camp Committee submitted its annual three-year Business and Operation Plan. The plan includes continued use of the Reserve as an adult training, meeting and conference facility.


Meeting tomorrow's needs is why we are re-introducing the "ADD100 CLUB" as an on-going fundraising initiative. The "ADD100 CLUB" program will help fund program, training and facility requirements that have been identified.

The Program

Persons or corporations contributing to the program may do so in progressive steps on an on-going and continued basis. All contributions received shall be tax receipted and recorded from persons/corporations.

Recognition Levels

Stop 90 Club$1 - $99NoneNoNoNo
Charter Member$100 - $249GreenADD100Yes - GreenYes - Green
Conductor's Club$250 - $499BronzeAdd 250Yes - BronzeYes- Bronze
Stationmaster's Club$500 -$999SilverAdd 500Yes - SilverYes- Silver
Chairman's Club$1000 - $2499GoldADD1000Yes - GoldYes - Gold
Mayor's Club$2500 - ?PlatinumAdd 2500Yes - PlatinumYes - Platinum

Recognition Wall

Blue Springs Scout Reserve has set aside an area to facilitate the Recognition Wall for those who are to be recognized in the program.

Recognition Process

The program will acknowledge all contributions. Program recognition will begin at the ADD100 CLUB level and progress up-wards from there. Example: A person/corporation may contribute any amount, say $25.00. They will receive a tax receipt. Should they continue to contribute three more separate $25.00 donations they shall continue to be acknowledged and receipted and thence recognized once they reach the "ADD100 CLUB" level. They shall receive the "ADD100 CLUB" crest and "ADD100 CLUB" pin; their name shall be added to the Recognition Wall in the appropriate section with coloured plaque.

SCENES Center   ADD 100

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